undemocratic how unelected unaccountable bureaucrats are stealing your liberty and freedom

Undemocratic How Unelected Unaccountable Bureaucrats Are Stealing Your Liberty And Freedom

Jay Sekulow is on a mission to defend the freedom of the Americans.

The fact is, freedom is never attacked before. The threat comes from the fourth branch of government – the largest industry – and the only branch that is not in the constitution: the federal bureaucracy. The bureaucracy elects every year thousands of new laws without a single vote of Congress. The bureaucracy violates the rights of Americans to accountability – the prosecution of adoptive parents, the denial of the quality of health care for veterans, the discrimination of conservatives and Christians for partisan purposes, and the damaging of our economy through job-killing rules.

Americans are being bullied by the very institutions that have been created to protect their right to life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

The bureaucrats of our nation are on an undemocratic power journey.

But Jay has a program. We can resist the abuse, we can reform a broken system and we can restore the American. Not only does this book tell you how to win, it also shows you real victories achieved by Jay and the American Center for Justice and Justice.

If we can not push back the fourth branch of government – the most dangerous branch. Undemocratic is a wake-up call, a call at just the right time – before it’s too late to save the democracy we love.

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