the animal catalyst towards ahuman theory

The Animal Catalyst Towards Ahuman Theory

It drives critical animal experiments at important new directions; It reviews basic assumptions, proposes new paradigms on how we can live and function ecologically, in a world that is not simply “ours”. She argues that it is not enough to recognize the ethical demands of our encounters with animals or to criticize our often murderous treatment: to simply reinforce human exceptionalism.

  • How “Compassion” for animals reinforces notions of which has been distinguishing humans from other animals.
  • How speciesism and individual centricity are built into the legal system.
  • How individualistic is the subjectivity in relation to animals that do not think in the same way.
  • As any consideration of animal others must involve a radical deconstruction of our idea of ​​”man.”
  • How art, philosophy and literature avoid speciesism and liberate man from subjectivity.

This volume is a unique project that is at the forefront of animal welfare philosophy as well as the posthuman / artistic / abstract identity philosophy. It will be of great interest to students and researchers in philosophy, ethics, especially continental philosophy, critical theory and cultural studies.

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