professional cooking 6th edition

Professional Cooking 6th Edition

This new edition is part of the bestselling “Practical Cookery” series and has been matched to the NVQ and VRQ diplomas. It has been completely updated to include recipes that incorporate modern culinary trends and current techniques. It contains all the basics you need for the Level 3 course you are about to complete. In addition, catering schools across the UK have contributed regional recipes that are equally interesting for Degree 3 and Master Chefs.

  • Bring your knowledge to life with 400 easy-to-follow recipes with colorful photographs
  • Important abilities with dozens of step-by-step sequences that guide you through advanced techniques
  • Get tips, information and valuable advice for working in a professional kitchen by real chefs

At the end of each chapter, test yourself with questions and refine your reflection technique with special sections on identifying results and conducting independent research

Access industry standard videos embedded with QR codes on your smartphone, tablet or computer

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