marketing management 14th edition

Marketing Management 14th Edition

About the book marketing management speaks of the markets of the 21st century and how they are affected by the forces of demand and supply. The reader is taken through the various factors affecting the prices of goods and services such as the product mix, the distribution channels and the shift and movement in demand and supply. The does an excellent job of formulating developmental strategies for the economy based on marketing forecasts, the environment, and market research.

The holistic concept behind marketing management is that it gives a layperson a working knowledge of the realm of marketing, its processes and what it means for the development of the world’s economy.philip Kotler is the premier when it comes to marketing. His ideologies have served as the basis for many textbooks across the globe and have proven to be a step higher than other books which focus on being descriptive, more than the practical.

Marketing management: a South Asian perspective focuses on the strategies of marketing development and its many facets. It throws light on topics which are essential for a well-built nation. The topics cover competitive strategies based on consumer sentiment, branding, creating brand equity, managing both personal as well as mass communication, analyzing business as well as consumer markets and managing retailing, wholesaling and management: a South Asian perspective was published in 2012 by Pearson education. It is available in paperback.key features this is the 14th edition of marketing management containing updated concepts and processes, with customer values as the center around which the market is constituted. The book has also provided educational support through powerpoint lecture slides for additional details.

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