A sum of 148 groups, which translated into 444 players, came in to play at the Dream Team Poker’s second tournament, which was kept at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas this past weekend. It was the initial installment open to a players and, when the last cards were distributed, Team ACED seized the event for almost $60,000.

2006 WSOP Main Event Champion Jamie Gold led Team ACED, which in addition contained Ashley Nataupsky and Houston Waldie. The crew’s title is a endorsement to Gold’s support by the Merge Gaming Network website, a concord he inked in February. The Network welcomes USA poker players and includes Carbon Poker, IronDuke, Poker Nordica, and Rumble Poker, amid others. ACED lately financed a charity fundraiser for Kids Joining Countries that was kept after the Oscar celebrations in Los Angeles and compered by Gold.

Gold practically captured 9th in the contest, while Nataupsky came in 4th. The 2006 Main Event champion stated in a press release gave out by Dream Team Poker on Monday, “It’s the most fun you can have without $12 million on the line. My WSOP bracelet is in a vault, but my Dream Team Poker trophy will be on my mantel for all to see.” Gold bested a pasture of 8,773 players in poker’s most esteemed tournament in 2006 and acquired the greatest prize given at the WSOP.

In arrangement to protect the morality of the game, Dream Team Poker also trophies rewards for the highest singular tournament finishers. At the Caesars competition, Danny Nelson rose to the occasion and came out victorious from the group, capturing almost $24,000. Wide-awake, he proceeded toe to toe with Philip Rousseaux for nearly an hout in front of a crowd of spectators. In the latest hand, Rousseaux pushed with J-8 on a board of K-8-4, only to view he was controlled by Nelson’s K-9. A six on the turn and a seven on the river secured the victory for Nelson, who competed as part of Team Biker Haven.

Groups were given pullovers to hit the felts with, producing a matchless aura. A team’s all-inclusive tally is resolved by the two best completions of its members and team mates did not sit at the same table until 14 to 16 players stayed in order to exploit collaboration. The runner up finish by Rousseaux was enough to earn The Claddaghs the second best team score and its corresponding $33,000 prize. Here were the top five teams at Caesars in the second Dream Team Poker tournament, a $550 per person buy-in affair:

1st Place: Team Aced – $59,940
2nd Place: The Claddaghs – $33,300
3rd Place: The Clones – $15,984
4th Place: Party at the Mansion – $10,656
5th Place: Hellmuth Busters – $6,660
The top five individual finishers were:
1st Place: Danny Nelson (Team BikerHaven.net) – $24,063
2nd Place: Philip Rousseaux (Team Claddaghs) – $13,320
3rd Place: Jerry Percival (Team Runner, Runner) – $7,922
4th Place: Ashley Nataupsky (Team ACED) –$ 6,666
5th Place: John Regis (Poker Masters) – $5,328

The very first Dream Team Poker event was held at the Hard Rock Casino in November and was won by Team Bluff, which consisted of Matt Parvis, Eric Morris, and Bodog poker pro Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo. Despite being open to the general public, the second installment of Dream Team Poker brought out some of the top names in poker. Former WSOP Main Event Champions in attendance over the weekend included Gold, Jerry Yang, Tom McEvoy, Ultimate Bet pro Phil Hellmuth, and Johnny Chan. Furthermore, making the trek to Caesars were three members of the inaugural November Nine: Dennis Phillips, David “Chino” Rheem, and Kelly Kim. Other poker pros that competed included Todd Brunson, Paul Wasicka, Full Tilt Poker front man Mike Matusow, Erica Schoenberg, T.J. Cloutier, David Williams, and the last woman standing in the 2008 WSOP Main Event, Tiffany Michelle.

No date for the third Dream Team Poker tournament has been announced. Stay tuned to Poker News Daily for the latest on this unique spin on the online hold’em game.

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