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The Taxi Small Business Book That Will Make You Money Right Now: A “Sales Funnel” Formula to 10X Your Business Even if You Don’t Have Money or Time.. GUARANTEED

Finally a formula, the 10 x ray your business flat – without previous online skills – is guaranteed in less than a month. Other entrepreneurs, imagine that your company its sales tripled. How is each question me, how you did it and imagine how many options now for you opens… Hello, my name is Daniel […]

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marketing management 14th edition

Marketing Management 14th Edition

About the book marketing management speaks of the markets of the 21st century and how they are affected by the forces of demand and supply. The reader is taken through the various factors affecting the prices of goods and services such as the product mix, the distribution channels and the shift and movement in demand […]

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The Financial Times Guide to Banking is a comprehensive introduction to how banks and banks work. Best-selling author Glen Arnold provides you with a foundation for understanding the diverse activities of banks. It will show you why these international institutions are equally important to consumers and financial professionals, and explain how their activities affect everyday […]

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Economics By Mark P Taylor N Gregory Mankiw

This which has established itself as one of the leading economic principles in the UK and Europe has been fundamentally restructured and reorganized the course structures and learning and assessment needs of economics students more directly. There are new sections that deepen microeconomic and macroeconomic themes and concepts while maintaining the book’s reputation for clarity, […]

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